5 Fun Nights of Entertainment to Host at Your Pub

People come to a pub to have a good time, and as the owner of a local pub, it’s your job to provide that for them. One key to operating a successful pub is to prime it so that you can swap different kinds of entertainment into the same space and have it continue to be a success. For example, high-quality microphones can be used over and over again to promote different kinds of entertainment. If you haven’t yet invested in microphones for your pub, check out the reviews on www.microphonegeeks.com to pick out the right microphone for your location. Once you do, you’ll want to create a rotating calendar of events to host at your pub so that it continues to be the go-to place for fun entertainment. Here are 5 fun entertainment ideas for your pub.

Open Mic Night

Open mic nights have long been a pub staple for one easy reason: They work. People love to experience their 15-minutes of fame. An open mic night at a pub lets them test what it would be like to perform in front of an audience of people—and if it’s unsuccessful, they have the ability to blame their performance on the booze. Just keep in mind that the key to hosting a successful open mic night is to limit the time slot of the performances so that no one performer hogs the microphone all night long.

Trivia Night

Trivia nights are a great way to get people in your pub to interact with one another in a state of friendly competition. This is an especially good idea if you’re hoping to give your pub that homey, local feel. Having a weekly or monthly trivia night at your pub can encourage the same group of locals to come back and try again, and can foster friendships and rivalries between groups that encourage them to feel a sense of community within your pub.

Top 40 Music Countdown

Do you remember crowding around the radio back when you were a kid to hear the Top 40 Music Countdown? You can offer your locals that same sense of excited anticipation at your pub by creating a Top 40 Music Countdown using the most-requested tracks from your music nights. The best part of a Top 40 Music Countdown is that if you do it correctly, you’ll be playing your audience’s favorite music all night long, which will encourage them to stay for one more song—and one more drink.

Mocktail Night

Of course, when you own a pub, the vast majority of your profit comes from the sale of alcohol, so it can seem counter-intuitive to have an alcohol-free night at your pub. However, you’d be surprised by the number of people who would turn up for a kid-free night where they can party and have a good time without having to get a designated driver. Mocktail nights are great for pregnant and nursing moms, for example, to be able to enjoy an evening on equal footing with their friends. You can even host drinking games with mocktails at their center.

Boardgame Night

Boardgames take a while to get through, which means that if you get your customers involved in a board game night at your pub, they’re likely to stick around. This event is easy to host: Just bring in a bunch of favorite board games and party games, stick them in the back, and let your guests go to town indulging in some of their favorite games from when they were kids. This has the added benefit of encouraging them to stick around for a while without getting rowdy, which is the magic combo when you own a pub.