5 Power Tools Every DIY’er Must Have

5 Power Tools

I readily admit to being a girly girl so undertaking the task of cleaning up an old dresser and turning it into a ‘shabby’ chic more fashionable dresser was daunting…help! I had to enlist the help of some electrician/carpenter friends as truthfully, I had no idea of where to start and what tools would be required, their help was invaluable to me and I would like to pass this on to any of you out there who are not DIY experts as I know not all of you will have expert friends.  Not only are the 5 tools listed perfect for my specialised job but they are also perfect for everyday DIY tasks, so well worth the initial outlay:

Skill Saw

253I wanted to change the style of the dresser as it was a bit dated, to update the look it needed to be more rounded, so I was advised to use a skill saw. A few contoured lines and curves gave it a rounded shape with a real romantic feel to it. The first job I undertook was cutting to size, my skill saw made light easy work of this, nice straight lines and clean cut. Even the most novice of DIY’ers can use this tool. You just need to plan what you want and use the tool accordingly. I made a few sketches that made this task easier when I eventually started using the tool.

Cordless Drill DriverCordless Drill Driver

My next job was securing the end panel to make my cabinet a unit again, the cordless drill driver made me look like a seasoned pro.. This tool can screw in both metal and wood with ease and used to drill holes and screw in nails etc. so could generally be used around the house.

Orbital Sander

Orbital SanderAs the unit was not complete I was faced with the task of sanding everything down. How would I do this without damaging my acrylic nails? I originally had a vision of having to use a block and a piece of sand paper and honestly thought about asking a friend to sand it down for me. However, my carpenter friend recommended an orbital sander, there was no stopping me now. Using this tool was so much fun, I had to stop myself sanding down all of my furniture, lol.

Angle Grinder

Angle GrinderI wanted to change the shape of the handles. I had thought about replacing them but the existing handles were nice and just needed a few tweaks. The angle grinder rounded them off nicely and it can also be used to cut tiles and can also be used to remove paint and rust if you change the head on the tool.

SDS Hammer Drill

SDS Hammer DrillThe job was complete or so I thought. Once the dresser was finished I placed it under the window. The dresser looked so nice it made the window look outdated. I decided to put a curtain pole up so I could dress the window to finish off the room. This tool sailed through the wall masonry and the pole is so secure that baby will be fixed to the wall for years.

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