6 Reasons You’ll Want to Wear Red Lipstick to Work

red lipstick is not for the faint-hearted. It is bold, makes a statement and gets heads turning. Wearing it to the office always seems like too much of a bold move for many women. But that’s just a myth! You can wear red lipstick to the office on any day. In fact, Vogue made it easy for you by listing down the best red lipstick shades that you can find this year. Still, don’t believe it? Here are several reasons you’ll want Rocking to wear red to work.

Update Your Look

Red lipstick instantly ups your outfit from boring to attention-grabbing. A simple dress could easily turn into a stunner once you slap on some red lipstick. You could be wearing some really boring outfit, but the moment you pout your lips and wear red, the whole outfit looks put together and updated.

The key to wearing red is to never be over-the-top. This means that the rest of your outfit needs to be muted or neutral, especially for work. Avoid wearing reds with patterns and brightly colored clothes as you will end up looking like you’re trying too hard.

Disguise Your Hangovers

This reason to wear red might be a surprise to you, but have you ever woken up after a bad decision the previous night and still had to go to work? Short of drinking gallons of coffee and sporting sunglasses indoors, the best way you can disguise a night of merrymaking is by wearing red lipstick. It throws people off from the fact that your eyes may be slightly bloodshot or that your skin may be blotchy, because it draws attention to your lips, and away from anything else. Studies showed here prove that red lipstick does draw attention to you and boosts your confidence.

It Makes You Look Like You Make an Effort

Imagine rocking a black pantsuit with a white silk blouse underneath and red lipstick for the finishing touch. You’ll definitely receive numerous compliments and it will seem like you made an extra effort to look good. Truth be told, you may have just randomly chosen the outfit but to your colleagues, it will seem as if you woke up on time, exercised, had a healthy breakfast, wore your clothes and waltzed into work ready to take on the day.

There Are Countless Shades to Choose From

There is no one-size-fits-all shade of red to suit every skin tone, although Mac’s Ruby Woo is a favorite for many ladies. There are red lipsticks that have orange hues and others that have blue undertones. There are shades suited for pale, olive and dark skin tones. Every skin tone has an undertone which could be warm, neutral or cool. Warm undertones work well with shades that have oranges in them, while cool undertones are best paired with reds with blue undertones.

You will also find that lipsticks come in different formulas as seen on lovelylips.net.You can choose from matte, to glossy to semi-matte. The texture of the lipstick has nothing to do with your skin tone, and more to do with personal preference.

It Emphasizes Your Body Language

Frustrated that your boss or colleagues aren’t taking you seriously? Wear red lipstick. Body language experts claim that wearing red draws attention to your mouth, thus increasing the chances of you being heard. Have a presentation to make and really want to make an impact? Wear red lipstick. Want to command more attention by oozing confidence? Yes, you guessed it. Wear red lipstick.

Red Lipstick Never Goes Out of Style

Just like the little black dress that can be dressed up and down and is a closet must-have, red lipstick joins the ranks of the items that every woman should own. The fact that it can be worn to the office, to a party, and to a meeting with friends, shows how versatile this lip color is, and it will never go out of style. It is a timeless lip color that has been worn since the ’60s and will continue to stick around in the years to come.

In conclusion, red lipstick should never be reserved for night outs with your significant other or other special occasions. Break the norm by wearing red to work, every day if need be.