When Your Air Conditioner Breaks on the First Day of Summer, Do This

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When Your Air Conditioner Breaks on the First Day of Summer, Do This

Are you a fan of moving or broken air conditioner units? I don’t know anyone who enjoys these experiences, especially if they take place on the first day of summer.

I moved back to Long Beach, California to start a new job and to live closer to my retired parents. Surprisingly, the move itself wasn’t as torturous as I thought it would be. Hiring a moving company was definitely a smart choice.

However, dealing with the aftermath of the move was a different story.

It was a warm day, and I looked forward to flipping on the air conditioning and relaxing in my recliner once the movers left. While it’s true that they do the heavy lifting and place boxes in the correct rooms, you still have to put everything else away.

I only unpacked the essentials I’d need for the first few days, such as kitchen items, bedding, toiletries, and clothing. Once I was done, my headband and t-shirt were soaked in sweat. It was time to turn on the air conditioner.

But I ran into a problem.

The air conditioner didn’t respond as expected. In fact, instead of cold air going through the house, warm air and dust came out. If you’ve ever experienced this, you feel my pain and dismay.

So what did I do?

I may or may not have groaned in frustration, adding a few choice words that did nothing to help the situation. One thought kept circling in my mind: where would I find someone to fix my problem?

So I called my parents, and they recommended that I check out a local heating and air business, www.relenergy.com.

I was thrilled with the helpful information on the site. Besides making note of the coupon on their site, you’d better believe I joined their email list to get discounts. I had a feeling I’d continue to need their services. (Remember, there’s no use paying more for a service if you can get it at a lower cost. I call that smart spending.)

The company prided itself on providing professional services at an affordable price. I’d like to think they’re prompt with all their customers as well. Also, I appreciated that this company had been in business for over twenty years, so I felt confident they’d take care of me.

It wasn’t long before cool air made its way throughout my new home. Often people view caped characters in tights as super heroes, but the truth is people who keep our lives safe and comfortable are the true heroes.

You never know how great your life is until certain aspects are missing from it. For me, having a working air conditioning system was such a relief. Now my parents could visit me without me having to worry if they were comfortable or not. They would never complain if they were overheated anyway, but that’s why I’d rather take care of things beforehand.

Thankfully, my air conditioner was fixed before my parents came over with all their gifts. Ever since I left for college, my parents have always brought over my favorite foods. They’re not affectionate people, nor do they say they love me, but I know their love language.

Since I hadn’t seen them in over six months, they shocked me with the sheer amount of food they brought. They must have planned this for weeks.

My mother took over in unpacking the remaining boxes in the kitchen, while my dad scribbled notes on a notepad as he checked the house for needed repairs. He even checked to make sure the air conditioner had been serviced correctly.

I know what you’re thinking. How could I let my parents spoil me like that?

I’ve tried to stop them in the past, but I’ve learned it’s best to just let your parents love on you in the way they want to. I simply soaked in the fact that I no longer had to jump on a plane for my quarterly visits with my parents.

Before they left, my dad pulled me aside for an extra hug. “Welcome home,” he said. It wasn’t so much the words but how he said them that confirmed I’d made the right choice in changing jobs.

That night, with the AC blasting, I slept deeply for the first time in six months.