How to Become a Celebrity on Instagram

You have seen how celebrities get all the likes and comments on Instagram. If you yearn for such a life, you can get it on the platform, only if you do the right things.

So, how can you become a celebrity without having a dedicated team of marketing specialists following your every move, making you look like the Hollywood celebs?

You Want to Emulate the Best

You need to take some time and emulate how famous people behave on Instagram. You won’t have the time or financial muscle o do this, but you can emulate the posts, the kind of images they go for and how frequent they post.

You will fall in love with their glamour, videos, images and posts. The aim of checking out the pages is to give you an idea of HOW you need to make your audience feel in order to get the celebrity feel.

One of the behaviours you need to emulate is how the celebs treat their followers. They treat them as close friends, engaging them on various levels and never overlooking any comment, whether good or bad.

Know How to Post

A look at one of the celebrity feeds will tell you that they post frequently. They do this using different kinds of contents such as images, videos and text. They then make sure they add relevant hashtags to let people find them.

Consistency is key to any fruitful engagement on Instagram. This is why you find many users checking out Instagram posts from a certain celebrity every morning and every evening, and might start asking questions when the celeb doesn’t post anything at all for several days.

Quality Is Everything

Check out any imagery from your popular celebrity, you find that it is relevant, clear and of high resolution. Each image comes with the right caption to help you understand what is happening. Take some hints from this – clear, high-quality images add to your look. Consistently posting high-quality images makes it easy for people to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Cross-promote the Tag

It is nice that you have come up with a hashtag, but you need to get it out there to the masses. You can use it on any platform you access, for instance, if you are on radio, direct people to the hashtag every few minutes. Don’t drop the hashtag on the page and hope that people will find it. Check out the Income Artist blog for other ways to use hashtags.

Look beyond the common hashtags; get a little more creative instead. You might have little options when it comes to choosing hashtags, try and mix them up so that you can tell a story. All in all, make sure the tag is memorable and easy to use by your users. You can use underscores and a myriad of other special characters to come up with the perfect hashtags.

In Closing

You can live like a celebrity on Instagram. You don’t have to be rich or be a musician to do this – what you need is the right strategy to get you started.