Buying Instagram Followers: The Best Practices

For $7, you can buy a cup of espresso and get some extra change at your favourite coffee shop – or 1000 Instagram followers. The former will keep you alert and satisfy your hunger for some caffeine, but the latter will start off your journey to becoming an influencer on Instagram. And with this status come a lot of lucrative deals from brands and individuals seeking to market their products.

Buying Instagram followers is easy and straightforward. We now have multiple sites that offer this service, but you need to work with a top site to get real Instagram followers. One such provider that you can work with is Poprey. With several packages to choose from, you can get the deal you want to take your account to the next level. Check it out on

How Many Do You Need?

The number of followers you buy depends a lot on what you have at the moment. If your profile has 1,000 followers, it is impractical to purchase 10,000 followers to get delivered within 24 hours. This is because Instagram has an algorithm that works to detect suspicious activity on your account, including follow, like and comment programs. When you do something suspicious, there is a high chance that your account gets flagged or suspended – or worse still, terminated indefinitely.

However, if you decide to go for a lower number, say 100 or 200, and steadily build on it, then you cushion your account from detection. The risk of your account getting terminated becomes lower. To lower the risk further, you need to post content on a regular basis and have the right level of engagement to match the number of followers you get in a day.

Why Engagement Levels Matter

The level of engagement is crucial if you are buying followers with the intention of getting noticed by individuals or brands. Big brands care so much about the number of followers you have because this translates into more engagement on their topic.

It will not look good at all if you are busy buying followers who don’t interact with your content. Brands are getting more concerned about the engagement levels per post as well.

Final Thoughts

It pays to buy followers, but you have o do this the right way otherwise you stand to lose your account. Take time to determine your needs and engage a reputable provider to deliver the followers that you want.