How to Choose the Perfect Hot Air Brush

How to Choose the Perfect Hot Air Brush

We’ve arrived at an era in which technology has mixed the advantages of a hair dryer and styling brush in order to make all women even more creative, as well as amazingly gorgeous. However, not every air brush is alike. A good point to start is here reading these professional, rotating and ceramic hot air brush reviews. These are a few critical factors you must pay attention to if you’re in the market for a hot air brush:

Barrel Size

The curling level always is going to be dependent upon the styling rod or barrel’s diameter. If you’re searching for the easiest guide in selecting the proper air brush for a certain level of curl, the thinnest hot air brush is going to offer curls that are more intricate. The ones who have stouter barrels are going to generate less curls.

The best hot air brush for developing the most body and lift, on the other hand, are the hot air brushes which have stout barrels. Therefore, if you have a desire a Shirley Temple type of hairdo, you ought to pick a hot air brush dryer which is 1” in diameter or less. If you wish for good volume such as Dolly Parton’s and the remainder of the people in Texas, opt for an air brush that has a 2” barrel.

If you’re going to select an air brush that has a 2” in diameter barrel, your hair ought to be at least shoulder length for it to be of good use. If the hair doesn’t reach the shoulders like a bob cut, stick to a hot air curling brush which is 1-½” thick.


Hot curling brushes that have longer and broadly spaced bristles are going to be great for thick hair textures and longer hairstyles. Brushes that have fine and short bristles are going to be better for shorter styles of hair.

When it comes to bristles, be careful in selecting a product whose bristles, particularly its tips, heat up. There’s one product in the marketplace which can’t actually take its own heat and will melt its own bristles.

Variable or Pre-set Settings

Women experienced and well-versed in the art of hair curling are going to benefit from the flexibility of such styling brushes that have variable heat settings. The talented artist may experiment with various settings to generate a distinctively special curl and style which is self-satisfying.

Someone who isn’t that particular about the procedure and merely wants the best curls, on the other hand, is going to benefit from the safety, as well as conveniences of pre-set settings. While experimentation on thermal settings and duration may generate creative results, it also can produce scalp and hair damage. Our scalp and hair are extremely sensitive tissues and the majority of the time it’s better to simply follow the standard presets discovered in a reputable branded hot air brush.


If you appreciate the procedure of hair curling, you should pick a manual air brush you’re able to turn and twist to whichever direction you want for a certain curling effect. If you’re one who desires the most convenient and fastest tool in generating, not just curls, yet sexy waves on your long hair, select a rotating hot air brush in order for you to easily uncoil and coil the hair repeatedly to generate lasting bounce, as well as waves.

If you desire the most convenient and fastest gadget which is able to generate intricate curls within the briefest time, pick a hair styler which utilizes a mechanized curler which will coil and spin the hair one tiny section at a time to generate highly intricate spiral curls.


The costs of hot air brushes always will vary. The primary factor which is going to influence the cost will be the convenience and features which go along with hot air brushes. Manual hot air styling brushes always will be less expensive than rotating hot air brushes. The option about what to purchase actually depends upon the hair styler. Ladies with a lot of patience and time may work with manual hot air brush dryers. Someone who always is on the run probably will prefer rotating hot air brushes.


Also, the size of a hot air brush is an extremely critical consideration as someone is a constant traveler. Now more than ever, the modern-day woman has to have her styling gadgets on leisurely vacations and business trips. The larger, more convenient and sophisticated hot air brushes probably will have a difficult time fitting inside light luggage. The only choice is for a practical woman to have those convenient, bulky hot air brush dryers for use at home and sleek, as well as slim hot air styling brushes to take anywhere.