Electric Patio Heaters – Top 5

Most of us at some time or other will need to use an Electric outdoor heater.  These type of heaters are used for both residential and commercial use and can be used both indoors and out.

If we entertain, or not. Just want to sit outside on a cold day but stay warm, without an unsightly blanket. One of these electric heaters would come in very handy.

Electric heaters come in all shapes and sizes, all strengths, small right through to large. All strengths of power, commercial/Industrial and residential. Plain, ornate, there is a heater for everyone and every use.

These heaters produce no emissions which makes them friendly to the environment, I know a lot of us care about these things nowadays. To feel warm and cosy all year round, choose from freestanding, table top, wall and ceiling mounted.

I use electric heaters both at home and in my nightclub and cafe. I did a lot of research before I bought mine so I am writing this to save you some of your valuable time.

  • Heatstrip Classic 36-Inch 1500 Watt Infrared Electric Outdoor HeaterElectric Patio HeatersThe Thermofilm Heatstrip patio heater is really loved mostly because of its subtle, unobtrusive design. The stylish, slimline face does not light up or glow when in use like some heaters so it blends elegantly into any décor. The radiant type heat penetrates through the air to provide a comfortable, even temperature at all times. I have used this particular model and it does seem to have a solid heat so really good for very cold nights outside.
  • Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Infrared Patio Heaterelectric-fireplaceBromic heating leads the market in supplying your outdoor patio with radiant heaters that demonstrate outstanding performance and unbeatable quality. This Tungsten Smart-Heat patio heater stands out against standard patio heaters since it is equipped with a spectral reflector for distributing 6,000 Watts of radiant heat evenly.
  • Fire Sense 1500 Watt Electric Infrared Patio Heater Heatstrip Classic 36-Inch 1500 WattThis Fire Sense Electric Infrared Patio Heater works at 90 percent heating efficiency and runs on regular household electricity. This electric heater can be used indoors and outdoors and has wheels for easy mobility. This Electric Infrared Patio Heater features a telescopic adjustable pole, silent operation, tip over protection, and approximately 5000 hours of bulb life.
  • Infratech 61-1/4 Inch WD Series All-Weather Stainless Steel Heater Main-Image-for-Patio-HeatersThis Infratech patio heater will produce safe infrared radiant energy to warm up your guests while entertaining. These fixtures are ideal for use in settings that require higher mounting height requirements, or when more intense directional heat is desired.
  • EnerG+1400W Electric Patio Heater/Bistro Table with LED Lightwine-and-bar-centerThis unique electric patio heater is a must for most outdoor patios. You can warm yourself up all year round with the bistro table heater. This model also features an LED light for mood lighting. All of your party guests will love to gather around this electric patio heater table, it looks so cool, yet ambient.

I hope you like my top 5 that I compiled with the help of http://patioheatershq.info/. It was really hard to choose as I have used so many in my various businesses and there is so much choice so what you buy depends on your use for it. I tried to choose a model for every occasion, so I really hope it helps you to choose. Good Luck!