Electric String Trimmers

Should you be tired of maintaining your old gas-powered tool, then it might be the best time for you to consider anelectric string trimmer and edger, which has been reported to have been as much effective as the gas-poweredcounterpart.

They are considered more versatile as most modern designs allow for you to adjust the output of the device: You can either lengthen or shorten the shaft to fit with your height and you can at the same time adjust the level of power depending on the task you want to carry out.

Our article will then take an in-depth look at the best electric string trimmers that you can go for.

  1. The Black Decker LCC420

This particular device can be a life saver, especially when you need perform a rigorous care on your lawn. The strength of the device makes it a better choice among others as the makers have improved on the previous designs.

The 20 Volt Max Lithium ion Battery will afford you the enough time needed to work on large projects without being slowed down.

  1. Ego 56V

This brushless trimmer cuts with a 15-inch swath and it is great for big gardens. It boasts of a 56 Volts battery which is enough to power up any job that you plan doing. It is weather resistant, and so there is no need to fidget when the rain comes down pouring.

  1. Milwaukee M18

The manufacturer of this product has done a great job. The trimmer works on the company’s patented M18 platform and coupled with the 9.0Ah battery, there is just more than enough time to handle whatever project at hand.

  1. Core CGT 400

The Core, in its appearance, looks like a gas-powered trimmer, but it doesn’t make any noise and also has a long running time, thanks to the 21-Volt battery. Though the downside experienced with the product when it was first produced was the line-feeding problems, which has since been rectified.

  1. Black Decker LST136W

This device is regarded as one of the most rugged trimmers that can be purchased in the market. With its 40-volt battery coupled with the unique transmissions system, you are guaranteed a much longer running time.

It has a power adjustment dial, which allows you to control the output of the engine which is needed when you have to work on tougher or lighter projects.