Family of Waffle Lovers!

I am an English girl living in America. I originally came to the United States to study economics on a student exchange programme.  Once I graduated 3 years later, I made my move to the US permanent.

The lifestyle, the weather and general culture of the US suits me.  A good job really, as I met and married my husband here and he is an ‘all American’ guy.  We are both lucky to be self-employed and split our time 70/30, 70% in America and 30% in England.

My husband loves all things American, from American football, halloween to thanksgiving and the cuisine.  This is something our now, really rather large family, has inherited.  Especially the latter, they love American cuisine and our favorite family meal is breakfast, not only because it is a time we are pretty much guaranteed to all be together but because breakfast food is also our favorite food.

Waffles are the main breakfast food of choice, my husband and kids adore them and they are also very particular about the type of waffles too. My family likes large American waffles, not Belgian. They like deep grids because they like to put things such as bacon, eggs and honey on top; they also like waffles that are browned and toasted. 

The Challenge

Personally, for waffle makers, I prefer Cuisinart machines. I have used other makes but they just don’t have the functionality or are as robust as Cuisinart models. With our ever growing family, we now have 4 kids, our needs are constantly evolving. A lightweight, domestic machine used to fit our needs. Now we need a hard wearing, commercial machine, due to the amount of use it gets.

So when our old machine went off to ‘waffle heaven’, this was a Waring commercial model, I searched on the internet for something different. I found the best commercial Cuisinart waffle maker that seemed to fit the bill for our family needs. A simple to use, easy clean machine with large plates and fairly compact in overall size. 

Machine up to the job?

With Cuisinart, you know you are getting not only a big name brand, but durability and a long warranty, usually between 3 – 5 years. If you use a machine as much as we do, no matter how good it is, parts do wear out.  It is great to know you are always covered.

Cuisinart machines are always non-stick, have removable grids (for easy clean) and a green light to tell you when it is ready. They also have an optimum cooking time, so you cannot overcook them and any overflowing batter goes into a removable grid and not onto your kitchen countertop. I have such a busy life, as we all do nowadays, so less things to clean up is always good. The machine I bought was the Cuisinart Waffle Maker 1,000 watts of power, with deep waffle plates. This means it has the depth and the power to make the waffles that my kids love ie: deeply browned, American waffles with deep grids. Perfect!

You can get machines with dual functionality. In explanation this means not only do they make waffles but they have a hot plate so you can cook the accompanying foods ie: eggs and bacon, at the same time.  In my experience of usual dual functioning machines, each section works ok but not as well as if you had separate machines dedicated to each separate function. So if I want a hot plate function, I will buy a separate hot plate and the same with a waffle maker.

Taste Test 

So how do the waffles actually measure up?

My kids are harsh critics, so if the waffles (or indeed any food) is not up to their exacting standards they will tell me straight.

I played around with the settings from the lowest heat setting, lightly toasted/browned to the highest setting, deeply toasted/browned.

So what do the critics think? As I thought, they preferred the deeply toasted/browned waffles and love the deep waffle ‘grids, they use these for various toppings. So deep is good.

Some machines have an uneven temperature so the uncooked waffle mix is cooked in some areas and not in others or on some occasions burnt to a crisp. Not so with this machine.

My kids absolutely loved them and they were easy to cook and came out exactly as I intended. 

Home and Away 

When we travel back to England this machine goes with us. This is not a problem with the Cuisinart, as it has universal voltage and a power adapter. Thank goodness. It is a feature of our daily lives and my husband and kids would not forgive me if it didn’t work in England. Believe me, I did buy waffles from a shop once and tried to pass them off as home-made. It did not go down well with the family. 


Our Cuisinart waffle maker doesn’t have any of the faults/issues that some of its predecessors had ie: dangerous, overflowing hot batter; as this machine has a guard that catches anything overflowing. Uneven heat was another old issue but my new machine has a thermostat and optimum temperature setting, which cooks thoroughly and never burns. Perfect waffles every time.

Obviously, anything that makes my family happy (and quiet) makes me happy. I cannot fault this machine in any way and cannot recommend it enough. Perfect!