Five Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips from Rachel

Carpets add glam and color to any home plus they are an inexpensive way to decorate. However, when not properly cleaned they tend to lose their luster which ends up affecting the home decor. It doesn’t have to be that hard cleaning the home rug, here are the top picks from Rachel that anyone can employ in their home.

How Can Carpet Color Be Protected When Cleaning?

Carpet_CleaningIt’s true some carpet cleaning products will cause the color to bleed and leave ugly fade spots. As a precaution, find a spot on the carpet, a section not visible to the eye preferably, and add a few drops of the cleaning agent. Place a cloth on top and leave the carpet for a while. If a stain forms on the cloth, that is not the right cleaning agent; this test continues until the right detergent, which doesn’t bleed, is found.

Is Investing in Carpeting Cleaning Appliances Advisable?

carpet-cleanersPeople have different kinds of rugs or carpets in their homes, which all demand different cleaning procedures. The question whether to own appliances like carpet vacuums is dependent on the type of rug in the home. Small and light carpets may only require a small brush and a dustpan to keep the neat. For bigger and heavy rugs/carpets, a vacuum cleaner is crucial to cover large areas fast. Carpet appliances will also come in handy in a home where there are pets, kids, or high traffic in the carpeted areas.

How Do You Prevent Carpet Stains from Spreading?

carpet-cleaningWhen there are kids or pets in the house, once a while, a muddy paw print or ice cream stain may show up on the rug. One of the best carpet cleaning ideas provided by Rachel for this is to avoid coarsely scrubbing on the stain. This will course the stain to spread. Instead, add a few drops of the cleaning solvent on the stain directly then carefully dub with an absorbent clothe. The stain is contained on one spot and prevent from spreading.

How Do You Salvage a Drenched Carpet

This is one of the frequently requested carpet cleaning solutions from Rachel. Anyone can forget to turn off their bathroom or kitchen sink and walk back home to a soaked carpet. To take care of this, the affected area should be isolated by moving furniture away and run a carpet shampooer on top to suck in the water. Next a hot air blower is passed through the dry the rug’s surface faster. For smaller carpets, taking them outside immediately to dry will help. Dump carpets should be dried up immediately to prevent them from stinking.

Can The Carpet Be Cleaned With Furniture Around?

menu-slide-tile-and-grout-cleaning1This will work if the furniture won’t be a distraction. Otherwise, it’s better to move furniture and any other object away to get enough cleaning space. This also protected furniture from damage, especially when using harsh cleaning agents.

These are some of top carpet cleaning tips from Rachel that help especially where the person doesn’t have rug cleaning experience. It’s possible to make carpet cleaning decisions faster as well by reading through the carpet manufacturer manual to understand how to clean the carpet effectively and the right cleaning agents to use.