Five Smart Appliances That Will Redefine the Kitchen of the Future

The internet of things has certainly become a buzzword in recent times. It has enabled things we’ve never thought could be connected to our internet-powered world. From the buildings we work in, to the living rooms of our homes, and even to the kitchens and the appliances that are within them, everything is becoming interconnected in the internet of things.

The Internet of Things has opened up new worlds in technology that we have never thought possible in our lifetimes, now even our home appliances are connected. Living rooms. Thermostats. Kitchens. Entertainment systems like the ones the Smart Future covers. What interesting times we live in.

Imagine a refrigerator that warns you when your milk is finished. Or a stovetop that you can trigger on your smartphone while you’re away. No kidding – there are prototypes for every single appliance or item that you can possibly think of. They come out everyday. Many of them are still in development, but others have already been released. They can’t all be controlled via smartphones as yet, but then they provide that possibility and make things much more convenient and easier for our everyday lives.

Let’s take a look at the five smart appliances that will redefine your kitchen….today.

The Oven of the Future

Korean tech giants Samsung has devised a microwave that trumps the traditional oven, which will end up halving cooking time by improving the microwave oven by heating the food with evenly distributed hot air below it with a fan. Samsung calls it the HotBlast technology, which is now actually being sold in the market today through its HotBlast Smart Oven series.

Ever Chat with Your Appliances? Now You Can.

If you’ve ever caught by someone trying to communicate with your home appliances, he or she will probably think you were out of your mind. But yes, LG Electronics has come up with a technology that lets you do just that. It’s called LG HomeChat, which allows you to know what your smart appliances are doing and control them all for you – via a smartphone app.

The Refrigerator that Thinks It’s a Computer

Now you have to be thinking, “This guy is out of his mind!”. Well, I’m not; General Electric has come up with a smart refrigerator called the Chillhub. The Chillub allows you to develop your own applications through a software development kit and manage its functions. The only limit your fridge has is what you think it can’t do. It will cost you a pretty penny at $2,999, but how awesome is having a PC that’s a fridge at the same time?

An Assembly Line in the Kitchen? No Way

YES WAY. Foodini, by Natural Machines, is a 3D printer that doesn’t feed you plastic, but provides a blueprint for you to assemble your own breads, pasta, crackers, and cakes. It prints a model with instructions to follow, and all that’s left for you to do is to make it. Talk about redefining “fast” food!

Smart Stovetops

American manufacturing giant Whirlpool is getting serious with its smart appliances; it has designed a stovetop that turns into a tablet PC. Just leave your pots or pans on the stovetop, and then watch the system go to work. As you wait for your mac and cheese to cook, you can get on Facebook, read news, find recipes, or listen to music through voice commands read through your smartphone app. It’s called the Whirlpool Smart Kitchen Concept, and it’s about to turn fantasy into reality. Such interesting times we live in!