How Does a Good Employee ID Card Look Like?

Employee identification cards are an integral part of any organization that’s serious about workplace security. ID cards make it easy to identify who works in a particular building and who doesn’t. Other than that, ID badges help streamline personnel processes – which begs the question – what are the must-have features of an excellent employee ID card?

The Worker’s Photo

That a worker’s ID should have his/her picture is a no-brainer. The photo on the card should be large enough and visible. A photo increases security and authenticity of the card. It makes it easy for the security and authority personnel to verify that indeed the card belongs to the holder.

The card has to include the employee’s personal information including his/her full names and identification number too.  When the photo and personal information are not enough, you may consider adding the worker’s authorized signature on the card. The additional info can come in handy when the identity of the card’s holder is in question.

Organization Logo

An organization logo is a security element that every ID card should have. The logo’s design has to be in line with the colors and brand message of the firm in question. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that while adding a logo to your employee’s ID cards minimizes forgery you should hire a professional company to do the job.

Request the ID badger maker to add a holographic overlay on the logo that’s visible when you hold the card at an angle. That way, it becomes difficult to create duplicate cards.  Other enhanced security features include a nonreplicable fingerprint and magnetic stripes.

Attractive Design

Sure, a good ID card should be functional and appealing to the eye. The card’s design is just as important as its security features. At the very least, the design has to meet all your branding and security needs. Note that the graphics and the colors on your worker’s ID cards can provide valuable information. For instance, you can assign specific colors to different departments, to make it simple to identify where your employees work. You may also instruct your ID maker to include a color bar system for various security clearances.

Data Encoding

Your organization is better off with employee ID cards that have encoded information about the user. At their best, the cards should feature smart chips, barcodes, and RFID tags. Data encoding makes it simple to sync your worker’s identification with building access, time or attendance programs. The encoded codes work together with a card reader to deny or approve admittance, eliminating the need to hire security personnel and by extension saving you money.

The Bottom Line

Your quest for a perfect employee ID card starts by hiring the right company. EasyIDCard is a professional photo ID card maker that undertakes to create cards and badges that are in line with the specific needs of your business. Be sure to visit  to create a free account and order your cards today! Remember to select your unique ID badge template to personalize your cards.