How to Grow Your Local Business with SEO

How to Grow Your Local Business with SEO

Since the late 90’s, the business world has been taking to the internet like flies to honey. Whether you look at the Dot Com boom or the Facebook success story, the internet is increasingly acting as the catalyst for growth in the 21st century. Yet, despite the plethora of businesses going online and the widespread public demand, many local businesses refrain from taking the internet seriously.

You might believe something along the lines of “my products and services will speak for themselves.”

Maybe you don’t believe your business needs a website or online marketing. But if you were given a guaranteed opportunity to reach a wider consumer base, to display and market the high-quality products and services your business provides, and to grow your business, wouldn’t you be crazy to say no?

What is SEO?

This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process by which you make your website the first search option when someone searches for your business or something related to it on a search engine, most notably, Google. Even if you’re just an independent plumber, how are you going to continue to get business if potential customers can’t find any information about you?

It’s been shown that the first result of a Google search gets a third of the search traffic, as opposed to only one-tenth in second, and so on. Through SEO, your business can become the first response when someone searches “plumber Seattle Washington”, meaning more customers who know what service you provide and how to find and hire you. There are even entire businesses dedicated to helping local business owners optimize their websites for SEO, like Promark Business Solutions, which help you market online and make your business the first search result for your area.

So how can you make use of SEO to grow your business, whether you’re a plumber, a pizzeria, or a paper company?

SEO Optimized Website

SEO can be incorporated into the structure of the website itself. Your domain name, for example, should reflect your business and your locations. For our plumber example, a domain name might be “” This will help to reach the top of the search rankings for anyone looking for a plumber in Seattle, and especially if they look up our sample independent contractors name.

Next, you’ll want to use page headers. First, identify what keywords someone would search to find your business. Plumber, Los Angeles, Plumbing, Sewage, Toilet Repair, Pipe Repair, all of these would be excellent keywords, and therefore should be placed somewhere near or at the top of each page on your site for the best results.

Use Social Media Regularly

It doesn’t matter what your business is about, you need to be on social media. You should at least have a Facebook, or a Twitter, or an Instagram, or a LinkedIn, but a successful business usually has all four. It’s not helpful for your business to make an informative profile with high-quality copy if you don’t post regularly. Why else would customers like or follow your account? You need to keep people coming back and keep attracting new visitors, as this will drive an increase in awareness and popularity for your business.

Use an SEO/Online Marketing Service

Even if you dig into SEO techniques on your free time, optimize your website, and create thriving social media pages, there’s no promise that this will secure your place at the top of the search engine results. You will definitely be more easily discovered by customers, and your business will certainly gain a wider audience, but just like in traditional advertising you are competing with other businesses that are trying to accomplish the exact same thing. And just like in traditional advertising, the successful companies pay someone to do it for them.

You might know a lot about SEO marketing, but paid experts will always know more. These services provide invaluable marketing solutions for businesses online every day, and they continue to improve at what they do.

Grow Your Business, Achieve Your Goals

If you want your local business to become the local business, the best way is to use an SEO or Online Marketing service. Professionals will meet with you to learn the specific marketing needs of your business, and develop a custom approach to help you meet your goals. Optimizing your website and creating popular social media accounts will also help attract potential customers to your goods and services. Regardless of what you choose, well-developed websites are becoming the most important factor in driving growth, and any business that doesn’t take part will get left behind.