Infrared Heaters – Are They Safe?

Infrared heaters are still a relatively new invention.  These heaters first came onto the market around 10 years ago.

Originally most people were interested in them because they were affordable, small and usually look quite sleek.

The energy efficiency with infrared heaters is quite astounding per cent of the electricity input gets turned into thermal energy or heat! Are these heaters too good to be true? I am going to investigate.

Firstly we need to find out how they work.

image-2How they work:

Infrared heaters are based on the simple principle of radiation. Each object around us (without exception) radiates heat and the amount depends on the temperature of the object. This heat comes in the form of electromagnetic waves. Infrared waves are a sort of electromagnetic waves, these are invisible to our naked eye. As the temperature of the object rises, the amount of heat it emits also increases.

Basically, I am summarising this quite dramatically as we are not all physicists (including myself) these molecules absorb this energy, subsequently travel to us, and we feel this heat.

Main Safety Concerns

radround-quartz1The main safety concerns are in relation to radiation. Infrared lamps and heaters all use radiation to heat up the appropriate space, this has led to consumer worries about radiation exposure and the fact it might carry some health risks.

Let’s face it the sun and its UV light comes with a risk.  We use sun cream with UV protection. The same with these products. Radiation levels are low enough to be safe for human usage.

If there is prolonged exposure to their intense heat it can cause some damage to your skin/eyes. If workers are exposed to these conditions for any length of time they are usually advised to wear special protective glasses.

How to make sure you’re absolutely safe: 

review-discovery-mediumInfrared lamps/heaters are used in environments, other than those of the home. Tanning salons, saunas, hairdressers etc. The safety manuals explain the risks but I have listed some tips below to help you stay safe.

  • If you are tanning using an infrared lamp, make sure you don’t expose yourself to the heat for more than 20-30 minutes, you may burn.
  • Don’t get too close. The infrared heaters are able to generate substantial heat at a distance.
  • Never place infrared heaters or lamps too close children or people sleeping. If you have a skin or circulatory condition that goes for you too.
  • Infrared lamps need to be kept at a safe distance way from any kind of materials that are likely to catch fire.


WHATISINFAREDDIAGRAMRadiation levels are relatively low, this was the main consumer concern when they were launched and has been based in little foundation.

Some basic precautions should be adhered to  ie: fire is the most dangerous risk posed by these heaters, so keep them at a safe distance away from fabrics such as wood, paper and fabrics as they can be combustible.

Ensure you heaters or infrared appliances are maintained. Regular cleaning and safety checks.

Ensure you appliances is installed properly to avoid leakages.

Detailed studies show that as long as your adhere to all the safety advise these appliances are perfectly safe for every day use, good for the environment and will save money on heating bills.

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