How Does an Inversion Table Benefit Your Employees?

In the present age, we are usually so busy in offices typing away at computers or chairing meetings. This sedentary life has quickly replaced the active lifestyle that we had before computers came into being. This is the main reason that most of us suffer from back pain.

Back pain has become an issue among the young and the old. While a long time ago it was not easy to find a young person suffering from back pain, it has become a common occurrence in the youth.

Issues with low-quality chairs and posture make it hard to handle back pain in offices. Many employers that expect their staff to handle back pain on their end up with lots of staff missing work each week. This reduces the productivity of the business.

This is why after many years of medical research scientists have been able to come up with the inversion table, which is the perfect alternative to back surgery. It is also a pain-free alternative to a surgical procedure. Today we look at the health benefits of the inversion table for employees suffering from back pain.

Relieve Back Pain and Manage It

The biggest reason why you need to have an inversion table in the office is that you get to cure the back pain and manage it as well. Your employees don’t have to deal with medications and band-aids to help get rid of the pain. It also helps realign the spine so that it can cure your back pain.

The equipment works by relieving the pressure from the disks, which promotes rehydration between the disks. It also relaxes the muscles of the body, helping relieve neck pain. With less neck pain your employees enjoy a good night’s rest, which in turn makes them energized to handle the day’s work.

Stress Relief


It seems that the world is full of stress nowadays. Continuous stress can be harmful to the body and affect employees’ performance. It can reduce the mental capability.

An inversion table is the perfect stress relief therapy. Spending time alone in a quiet place can help reconnect your mind and body. You end up relaxing. With a relaxed mind, your body also relaxes.

Make Yoru Spine Healthy


As we grow older, the bones in the body start to shrink. The length of the spine reduces, and this can lead to a host of health issues. The inversion table helps stretch your spine, which means that the bones of the vertebrae become lubricated and the chances of any compression are reduced. It also relieves the pressure on the joints so that you don’t have to deal with any issues of compression of the spine.

Improve Circulation


Compression affects the flow of blood to various parts of the spine. Blood flow is also affected by gravity, which is the main reason that it is usually hard to supply blood equally across the body. Additionally, blood in the veins might not be properly returned, which leads to health issues due to improper supply of blood.

With the use of an inversion table, the issue can be easily resolved. Hanging upside down makes the blood flow to be assisted by gravity. The pumping action of the heart is improved, and the flow to all parts of the body is enhanced. There are a lot of inversion tables to choose from, and Free Your Spine reviews lots of them.

Final Benefit: It helps Maintain a Proper Posture

Posture is an important aspect of your body that you need to maintain. It is not only ideal for the health of the body, but it also enhances your personality. This is why you find that many people maintain a certain exercise level to maintain a proper posture. The inversion table can help you maintain a proper posture when used the right way.