Making Instagram Automation Work For You

Automation on Instagram represents a way of scaling up on the tactics that you need to stay relevant on Instagram. After you get to know your audience and interact with them, you can now bring in the bots to take the whole strategy a notch higher.

Today we look at how to use automation to scale up your Instagram engagement the right way.

This article is dedicated to all those who are doing the right thing but getting nowhere, who are putting in so much effort and not getting the results that they expect. If you fall in one of these categories, you are in the right place.

Choosing the Right Bot for Instagram

When choosing the right bot for your business, you need to understand the kinds of engagement that are most crucial to you. What gives you the best results? Following, liking or commenting? You also need to think about what you have to sacrifice to get the results you need. Check out the top tools for Instagram automation on Managed Social and choose the best for your needs.

If you don’t handle automation the right way, you risk getting your account banned. Remember we aren’t just talking about the Instagram account, but your brand, your business. You need to treat the automation carefully so that you amplify the manual efforts.

Automated Liking

Manually, on average, for every 100 photos you post, you only gain six followers. Imagine the number of photos you have to post to achieve 10,000 followers! To play it safe, get a bot that can allow you to regulate the number of likes that you get each day or each number of posts.

Paying for an Instagram bot to get likes on your account is a low-risk, high reward tactic that helps you gain a large number of followers and boost your engagement.

So, look for a bot that gives you the right tactic for your specific brand, and gives you all the targeting you need.

Automated Commenting

Commenting is a bit tough because you have to have a comment that applies to each specific hashtag that users are following. The comments don’t need to read like spam.

The strategy here is that you have to use a bot that can target the users in a way that you provide honest replies. Questions work best because they represent a way to keep the users engaged without the need to monitor their responses.

Automated Following and Unfollowing Users

Following and unfollowing is a strategy that is frowned upon by many brands, but it can be very effective when you do it the right way. The only issue that you need to watch out with this strategy is that it is very aggressive. This represents the highest level of risk for your account.

If you target the wrong people, you end up with followers that can’t engage with the content. Move very fast, and you are looking at a ban.

You can target even competitor followers by identifying them and then following them. If you have inactive followers on your account, you can unfollow them so that you don’t end up with followers that don’t add any value to you at all.

Timing is Everything

Just the way you time your posts, you also need to time the automation when people are most likely to be active on the platform. You can make use of the platform’s built-in analytics tools to find these statistics.

In Closing

Instagram automation works best when you know what you need and you go after it. Take time to find the best tool for automation and apply it to your account the right way.