Making it on Pinterest

Though not as robust as other social platforms, Pinterest offers both startups and established businesses a high ROI compared to the rest. Why is this? Well, this platform is young, and the audience is mostly business-oriented. With just a few million users per month, Pinterest definitely comes as the platform with the smallest audience. Despite this, the platform gives you as a business the luxury of a targeted audience. You can deliver your marketing efforts to the target audience. Businesses that have used this platform before have seen twice the conversion rate especially originating from Pinterest referral traffic.

So, how can you do this?

Understand Your Audience

You need to understand the composition of this platform before you can get your marketing tools out. Knowing the core demographic on Pinterest will help you reach your target audience faster with better results. For instance, if you discover that the core demographic is women, then you can come up with a message that will appeal to this gender.

Keep Your Boards Organized

Using Pinterest isn’t all about the profile you create – it is more about those boards you come up with and the kind of images that you pin on the boards. For instance, if you deal in spare parts. You can come up with specific boards such as Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mazda and more.

Using these boards gives you a visual grouping, placing the photos in groups allows you to emphasize the content of your brand that matters the most. You also give the users an easy time navigating through your boards, and posts.

Contest It Out

Well, there are various ways to engage your users. One of this is to hold a contest and go ahead to promote user-generated content. Taking the previous example of selling vehicle parts, you can ask your followers to create boards that depict their best repair job to display the need for genuine auto parts. Get some judges and review the boards, then wait for a burst in the following.

Have a Landing Page

You need to have a landing page for your brand. What is it? Well, this is a standalone page that visitors get redirected to after clicking on an ad from Pinterest. The landing page doesn’t use just any information; you have to use images, persuasive content and testimonials so that you can convince your visitors to make a purchase. Here is some of the content to place on the page:

    • If possible, let the phone number on the landing page be click-to-call. This makes it possible for your prospects to call and talk to your representatives there and then.
    • Have a short form that won’t take a lot of your clients’ time.

Share Enough Content

You might be able to post more content or less, but you need to understand that it is vital to post five times a day. Less than that and you are likely not sharing content enough times to warrant a reaction from the audience. More than five and you are most likely to be crowding your followers with your content.

Have Followers, Lots of Them

If you want to grow your brand, you need to have followers. Just like any other social platform, you need to get a response from your target audience. Well, remember it might take a while before you can come up with a follower base huge enough to elicit the right response.

To make use of Pinterest to get new clients, you have to navigate the biggest barrier – getting more followers. You cannot overlook the need for more followers, because at the end of the day you will look more trustworthy and you will look more genuine in the eyes of your clients. However, this isn’t an easy job, you need some assistance.

You might not have the time and the patience to grow your following. One way to make things easy is by automating the process using a Pinterest bot. Check this page for the Best Pinterest Bot for your needs.

The Bottomline

You have the chance to grow your brand by marketing on Pinterest. Make sure you have a landing page, keep your boards organized, post enough content and MOST IMPORTANTLY, have enough followers.