Memory Foam Mattress Review – The Why & How

2in_memory_foam_topperI am writing this review to share my experiences and efforts in finding a suitable mattress for the people like me. I was having a pretty bad time until few days ago as the pain and aches were disturbing me every morning when I could not sleep properly due to non-availability suitable and comfortable mattress since long. If you are suffering with similar problems then you should go through this write-up to know how I was able to find a good mattress for me to give a twist to my night sleeps. If you are fed up searching for a good mattress at online as well as offline stores then go through the reviews about some of my favourite memory foam mattresses from which you can choose a suitable one for you.

In fact I was also confused when I searched for a suitable and comfortable mattress for the first time at online as well as offline stores but at last I succeeded in finding one on the basis of following information. I am publishing this information for those who do not have to time to navigate on online and offline resources even if they know what they want. The information collected by me in his regard includes finding the mattress on the basis of:

  • 16148Personal preferences and firmness 
    Though I was confused about the firmness of the mattress while searching for one but know I can guide you to clear up your confusion in this regard.
  • Density of the mattress
    Density of the memory foam mattress was another point which has confused me. Today I can help you in this regard also.
  • Thickness of the mattress
    Last but not the least thing that bothered me was the thickness of the mattress. You can also know about this point after reading this write-up.

The best memory foam mattresses I selected

If you have decided to go through this write-up then I am ready to share the information about the mattresses I selected for me and very much happy with the same. This information can also help you in selecting a suitable one for you.

  • memoryfoam-550x360Ultimate Dreams 13 Inch: It is the best foam mattress with high-end quality available at cheapest price in the market. I selected it as it has a six inch thick cooling layer which can help me in keeping away my pain and aches more effectively as compared to various other high priced mattresses available in the market.
  • Sleep Innovations SureTemp: This best value memory foam mattress was selected by me as it was available in three different thicknesses including 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch from which I can choose as per my needs. Another reason to choose this mattress is the 20 year warranty provided by its manufacturer.
  • DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe: I selected this best foam mattress for its therapeutic properties. I remembered about my aches and pains while selecting suitable mattresses and selected this mattress as it can help me in getting rid of those problems due to its firm structure. In my opinion this mattress can be the right choice for those who are suffering from these bedtime aches and pains like me.
  • Lucid Linenspa 10 inch: It was the best budget memory foam mattress I found in the market. Mostly people complaint about the overheating of memory foam mattresses, especially while sleeping on low priced mattresses. but I selected this budget mattress because excellent technology was used by its manufacturer to keep you cool throughout the night.
  • Visco Elastic Mattress Topper: It was the mattress which I voted for its best topper. Though these mattresses were available in wide range but I preferred 3 inch thick Density Visco mattress with 4lb density. So if you are buying memory foam mattresses for the first time then it can be the best choice for you to try for once.
  • Sleep master 6 inch: It is the best memory foam mattress for kids as it can protect their growing joints and bones even while sleeping. These mattresses are available with an easy to zip-off jacquard cover to keep the kids safe along with supporting their entire body carefully.

More information about memory foam mattresses

  • slider_h10While using memory foam mattresses you will have to care for them a bit differently, unlike other traditional mattresses and the level of their maintenance differ with each brand.
  • Moreover you should know the difference between memory foam mattresses vs spring and latex mattresses if you are buying them for the first time.

Though I have provided detailed information about the best memory foam mattresses I have found in the market but if you want more information in this regard then you can go to or many other websites can tell you about this difference as well and the ways to take care of different types of memory foam mattresses. along with it you can also search online to know more about different types of memory foam mattress as the information I had given in this write-up is based on my personal experience and knowledge in this regard. Your choice may differ from mine as memory foam mattresses are available online in wide variety and you can find from as per your own preferences. I also invite you to share your experiences at my website so that you can also help others in finding suitable memory foam mattresses for them.

Thus I hope you have read all the information provided by me to help you in having a sound and trouble free sleep at night, which you were longing since long. But if you have not read it due to lack of time or for any other reason then I suggest you to spend some time in search for them on online as well as offline stores to find suitable memory foam mattresses for your home. I have tried to cover the angles while providing this information which can help in managing your confusion which was bothering before reading this write-up. I hope now you will be able to find the best memory foam mattresses for you.