My new house

I’ve recently moved into a new house and have had to do a lot of cleaning. The previous tenants have not kept the place in good shape and it looks like they didn’t even bother cleaning it very well before they moved out. Apart from the bathroom and the kitchen, all the rooms in the house are covered in a thick wall to wall carpet. The last few places I’ve lived all had parquet flooring, so I had to get my head around how to clean everything. The first thing to do, obviously, was get a new vacuum cleaner. I had to spend some time looking for the

best vacuum for carpet, because the one I had was really more suited for the parquet floor. I needed one with brushes, attachments, etc. to suit the job in hand. It would normally take me a long time to settle on an appliance, but I really wanted to get the house cleaned and ready and make it feel more like my home. Living in other people’s mess is never fun. I ended up making a quick decision but I based it on some research so all in all it turned out OK. The vacuum cleaner was great for doing pretty much everything I needed it to do, within reason. The place really was dirty when I moved in. I think the previous owner was renting it out to people who just didn’t really care about the place, or maybe they were just naturally messy people.

In some places, even vacuuming wasn’t enough. I had to actually use a carpet cleaner to get rid of some nasty stains and make everything look new and clean again. I don’t even want to know what some of those stains were!  As it’s a big house, cleaning the entire place took a whole day, but when it was done, everything looked much better.

Unfortunately, the carpets were not the only thing in the house that needed cleaning. Luckily, as the house is actually mine, I could do stuff like replace bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles to something more to my liking, rather than merely clean everything. It took a while to get my head around the fact that this is my house, rather than a rented accommodation, but once I did, it made life much easier for me. It’s very liberating to be able to change anything in the house you don’t want. As long as you have some sort of budget, of course, or are able to do the work yourself.  Luckily, the carpets are in a decent, neutral colour so there is no need to actually change them to anything else. As much as I enjoy the look and feel of parquet flooring, carpeting is so much better for keeping the heat in during winter and is actually nicer to walk on when it’s cold too. It also muffles the sounds, which is great when you have children who are running around their room playing while you’re trying to work.