Need a new hobby? Here are some you might not have even heard of!

Quite often people feel like they’re stuck in a rut – not particularly enjoying their jobs, but still getting up and going to work every day, not feeling inspired by books, movies or TV shows, eating at the same restaurants, talking about the same things with the same people. It can feel like your life is stagnating even though the days continue to pass by.

If you’re feeling life that, why not try to add something new to your life? You may already have considered taking up a new hobby but found that you just can’t get excited about squash, knitting, jogging and other mainstream hobbies. But perhaps you’re not aware of the wide range of activities out there that people are getting excited about.

Take drones, for example. Lots of people have seen them on TV, gone out and bought one, played around with it for a weekend and now it’s sitting in a cupboard, possibly never to be used again. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Get that drone back out of its box, find your old paints and brushes and give it a snazzy makeover, because drone racing is one of the latest crazes. There are so many possibilities to this, too. You can find or start a group online or locally, agree on the rules and racecourses and then start competitions. Fit a camera to your drone to get the full excitement. You can even send your drones off on orienteering challenges and treasure hunts, using the camera to see and the claw to pick up and drop objects. Just make sure you’ve got a battery that will last (take a look here to find a suitable one:’ll never be bored on the weekends again and you’ll have so much to daydream about and plan at work, the days will fly by!

If flying drones is a bit too much like playing computer games for you and you need a bit more of a thrill, then get yourself a wingsuit and start flying yourself. While this activity dates back to the Second World War, advances in suit material in the 1990s transformed it from a form of skydiving into high-speed gliding. By adding your own jetpack to the suit, you cease gliding and begin flying. You needn’t worry about traffic jams ever again. Compete in a group or alone, join a formation flying club, there are lots of opportunities. Already swum with whales and dolphins? How about flying with eagles? You can do it now! Set yourself some goals – the current fastest wingsuit flight stands at 226mph and the highest at 23,690 feet. See if you can do better!

As the saying goes, the sky is the limit. For most people, that is. If you’re bored by this tedious little planet and its irresponsible inhabitants, why not set your sights on other worlds by investing in a telescope? You can spend many an evening sitting at the top of a hill peering out at the wonders of the universe such as Jupiter, Andromeda, the Tarantula Nebula and PSR B0531+21. You could even add a course of study to your hobby, such as a degree in Astronomy or Astrophysics. It could be so much fun that before you know it, you’ve got yourself a Ph.D., quit your boring old job and landed yourself a job at a national observatory.


If the questions and conundrums of this universe appear boring to you, perhaps you’d be more interested in taking on the understanding of other dimensions and parallel realities. Perhaps mysticism is a hobby you should look into. Get yourself some tarot cards and a crystal ball and bury your head in the mystical and spiritual writings. Discover the interconnectedness of everything. Reject material possessions and those who covet them. Learn to question everything: ask yourself ‘who am I?’, ‘what are the natures of good and evil?’ and ‘when I die, will I become a god?’ If you learn to dress the part, you will avoid repetitive and unnecessary conversation with doubters and attract people who you can help. A long cloak with a hood, an orb, carvings of runes and a staff will both help you communicate with the spirits and convince others that you know what you’re doing.