Our Annual Trip: Heading Out to the Cabin!

bannerannualWe’ve got a cabin in the woods that we love to make us of, especially when those warmer summer months start to creep up. There are an abundance of things that would lead me to believe our cabin is the best one you could ever think about staying in, but I might be a little biased (my grandfather had built the entire thing himself back in the 40’s, and it’s been standing strong ever since!). There was always a hunch I had that this cabin wasn’t going to stick around for the long run, but I was wrong, and I really am happy that is the case. My grandfather was the type of man that wouldn’t let any of the small things goes, and that made people feel as if he were mean in a sense. He definitely wasn’t mean, as a matter of fact, I would go as far as saying that he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known in my entire life. He just had to get to know you! We had a tradition of visiting his cabin every single summer, even if it was only for a week or two. Sometimes we would spend the entire summer up there and be none the wiser, because he had a bunch of different things for us to do there.

I wanted to keep the family tradition alive, so I felt that it was only right to have my family go to the cabin every single year as well. My grandfather is no longer with us, but we still have this wonderful cabin (and an abundance of memories) to remember him by. Thankfully, my grandmother is still with us, so we make sure to bring her alongside the family up to the cabin annually. You may have a cottage of your own that you hold quite dearly, and it may be the base for some pretty fond memories. I know there are many different things to look at when it comes to a cabin, but I’m going to explain why I feel like mine is the perfect fit for what we do.

Having a Little “Family Time”

Our-annual-trip-to-The-Pumpkin-PatchMy family is a very big deal, mainly because I’m a stay at home mom who is always looking out for their best interests. My husband is a manufacturer of car parts in his full-time working aspect of life, but when it comes to being a dad, he loves getting out on the water. The cabin is right off of the bank by a river, so we can access the water whenever we want to. As such, we’re always heading out for swims and maybe even to do a little fishing. There are canoes and kayaks present at the cabin, and some of them are really old, so it’s almost like a challenge if you’re looking to navigate one for yourself. Trust me, it’s tough when the canoe or kayak you’re trying to use weighs well over 60 pounds – just try keeping that afloat in the water!

We have electricity present in the cabin, and that’s because we made it our duty to keep things a little more modern than my grandfather would have liked. We needed to have a portable generator installed in our “power shed” that rests off towards the side, and I made sure to look at the Home Improvement Guru website to make sure I was getting the best option possible. With the power being run to the cabin, we can finally look at all of the wonderful TV shows we’ve come to love over the years, except we get to do it in a much more relaxed setting.

On the Water

113144-travelThe water is the best part, especially when we take it upon ourselves to rent a ski-doo or two. Water-ski’s are one of the most amazing things you could make use of on the water, but you’ve got to be careful! The safety hazards are quite numerous when it comes to these machines, so try and practice a little bit before you go all out. Another cool thing that we do is simply boat around, as we have a personal family boat that everybody pitched in on. It isn’t the biggest, and it isn’t that hard to navigate – it’s the reason why we decided to go with this specific boat. My husband is usually the person who is going to be driving, and I’ll be in the front seat; our two sons (one is 12 and the other one is 14) love it as well.

My grandfather would definitely be proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish here, and he would be especially proud of the fact that we still visit this cabin on an annual basis.