Straightener Help for the Low Maintenance Woman

Imagine a low maintenance woman. Everyone has one or two in their lives.

Doesn’t she prefer to spend minimal time on her appearance? She can’t be bothered with all that work. She’s busy doing other things. Isn’t it enough that she has great personal hygiene? Ironically, it’s not that she doesn’t want to look presentable or drop dead gorgeous for special events.

It’s the entire process: hair, makeup, clothing, shopping, shaving, plucking… The list goes on and on. That’s enough to make any woman faint from the overwhelming requirements. For a simple woman, it’s sheer agony.

No wonder her hair’s in the usual bun or ponytail, and her shoes are the comfortable, neutral flats that she’s convinced go with everything.

See, from her perspective time is so precious and valuable to that the thought of doing more than what’s necessary seems like a waste of time. Plus it will take her out of her comfort zone. She’s not interested in gaining attention. She prefers her actions and words to speak louder than any glam face ever could.

Of course, there are those inevitable moments when makeup and fancy hair are absolutely necessary. A high school reunion comes to mind. She definitely cannot wear her trusty flats to such an event, nor will her haphazard ponytail pass muster.  As uncomfortable as this event will be, she’ll do her best to make sure she proves to herself and her classmates that she can look like a million bucks… if she wants to. This means she’ll have to do some hair research. Makeup is manageable, but hair is difficult in this particular woman’s case.

An online search reveals a wealth of videos that show her exactly how to get the hair she wants: sexy curls that hold their shape for the entire evening. Unfortunately, she has stick straight hair. Her few attempts at hair rollers in high school made her look like a droopy flower. What’s a girl to do?

While watching yet another video, a light bulb goes off in her head. She realizes she’d been using the wrong tool the entire time. Hot rollers wouldn’t work, but perhaps a hair straightener would.  Now her challenge is choosing the right one. But they all look the same! And how can she be sure it meets her needs?

More searching brings her to that did all the homework for her. Armed with the newfound knowledge, she orders the exact straightener she needs, the one that allows her to curl her hair and grips her fine hair easily.

After much practice, she’s ready for her reunion. She applies powder, gloss, and mascara to her face. Her hair is curled and sprayed with mega hold hair spray. She may have used up half a bottle. She may have cursed a few times when the straightener got too close to her skin.

She has a great time. Her friends and classmates marvel at the change in her, asking for details. She delights in telling them about her journey. She doesn’t tell them she still has her trusty flats in the car, however.

Some things just don’t change.