The Do and The Don ts of Instagram Automation

It can be time-consuming and tedious to manage an Instagram account, especially where the levels of engagement are high. Replying to comments and direct messages, commenting and liking other people’s posts, and the endless search for new followers and influencers to interact with, calls for a lot of effort. No wonder, most marketers are now turning to Instagram automation to get some of these tasks accomplished on their behalf. Whereas authenticity builds positive relationships on Instagram, bots can help to create new interactions as well. In this article, we look at the Do’s and the Don’ts of Instagram Automation more information here.

The Do’s

It’s very important to know what you are getting before you settle on any bot. Research online and before you subscribe to any bot services such as Boostfy, read about it over at Spire or any other online bot review forum. Taking the time to research allows you to learn more about the bots, including their features, subscription costs, pros, and their cons. Such information can be helpful in choosing a bot that is right for your needs.

Establish your Goals

You need to know why you are marketing your brand on Instagram. Are you just looking for followers, or do you want to generate sales through positive interactions and building relationships? You can get followers who care less about your brand and may never comment or like your posts. On the other hand, you can get organic followers with whom you can engage in positive, and value-adding interactions. It all depends on your goals. Therefore, your goals should act as the basis on which you formulate your marketing strategy. Knowing what you intend to achieve enables you to use the bot towards reaching those targets.

The Don’t’s

If you are on Instagram, there is a high likelihood that you’ve been on the receiving end of comments that are normally out of context and not related to your post. Well, that is because those comments emanate from auto-commenting bots. If you don’t want your account banned, avoid the auto-comment bots completely. If only technology had reached a point of consciousness that we humans enjoy, auto-commenting would have been a great option. Unfortunately, these bots have no idea on what they comment or the context within which they should comment on a post.


At the end of the day, manual interaction on Instagram will always have an edge over automation. However, if you don’t have the time and the effort needed, just stick to auto-liking bots. Until the day technology will allow the bots to understand that smiley faces and “Awesome” comments are not meant for a  post about death, we cannot entirely trust them to create and build honest relationships on our behalf.