The Ultimate Source of Work for Graphic Designers

The Ultimate Source of Work for Designers

You may not have thought about it but do you know what’s the best place for a designer like yourself to find work? Instagram it is. Yes, this might surprise you a little, or perhaps not, but Instagram is all about photography and design and honestly most suck at it big time. In other words, Instagram is a goldmine for great designers as every Instagrammer is a potential client.

Make sure you stand out

If you design great things it won’t take much effort to stand out of the crowd, people notice you right away in this mess of fuzzy and amateur photos and designs, add a few inspirational captions to your designs and before you know it people start following you in hordes.

Didn’t it work for you?

Maybe you already gave it a try and it didn’t work out for you, in that case all you may need is just a little help, people with hundreds of thousands of followers didn’t do this on their own though you might think they did, instead, they used some tricks to game Instagram so why not just copy their strategies. All you need is a foothold and a bot or managed service like reviewed at PixelBin can do that for you.

How do those bots work?

It’s real simple actually, all you need to do is enter your interests, demographics, and geographics, and you can even add some popular hashtags and the bot will automatically find people to follow you. It does this by following people first, and in case they don’t follow you back within a few days they unfollow them again to make your account look great.

There is nothing as amateurish as you following 100k people and only 5k people are following you back so you want to prevent that and obviously those bot makers have already thought about that so there’s little to worry about for you.

Other tactics bots use

Another tactic those bots apply is simply liking other people posts, purely to get into the spotlight as everyone is checking their likes. If that’s not enough some of the more advanced bots are also able to find active discussions and leave intelligent comments. Once you get a reply you should take over manually as artificial intelligence hasn’t reached levels where it can hold an intelligent conversation.

What to do with your followers

Once you have a large number of followers it’s important to convert them into customers, you can do this by increasing the engagement with contests and giveaways, this way people will show some real love for you and share your work among their friends and that’s when the magic kicks in. Real people seeing your work, because I haven’t mentioned it yet, when you start working with bots you will attract a lot of fake followers as well that will actually hurt your engagement so contests are the trick of choice to get them to engage with you.

Now let the money roll in!