Tips to Use an Instagram Bot

Any serious brand or business using Instagram as a marketing tool should invest in bots. For starters, bots enable you to automate simple (and time-consuming) tasks such as commenting and liking. The ripple effect is that you can get more time to plan and execute other marketing strategies.  To capitalize on your bot’s ability you should;

Buy the Right Bot

This is where it all starts. You will not get results if you use a bot that doesn’t have the proven ability to deliver results. Yes, there are many bot selling services, but only a few keep their promise to boost your brand’s growth. One such bot is Managed Social, a premium Instagram bot that undertakes to grow your Instagram following organically. Be sure to read more about Social Media to get more insights on the bot and why it stands out.

Reply to Every Comment

You need to use your bot efficiently to create engagement with your audience. Also, you don’t want Instagram to know that you’re using a robot to automate processes as it’ll get you banned. One of the things you can do is to program your bot to reply to all comments. The idea is to make your followers feel that you appreciate their opinions and views. Don’t forget to change your automated response in a while too.

Post High-Quality Content

A bot will only help you automate your likes and comments. In other words, it’ll keep creating the consistency you require to keep your followers engaged. However, it doesn’t replace the fact that you need to develop good content at all times. Remember, your followers are likely to share your posts if they’re creative, funny and helpful. In fact, you should consider using some of the time availed by bots to create shareable content that can reach as many followers as possible.

Work On Compelling Messages

Staying with content, your direct messages should be on point. Think of it as a soft selling tactic to make your followers buy your products and services. So, don’t be spammy with your messages. Statistics show that you’re likely to make a sale out every five potential customers if you’re good at soft selling.

The Bottom Line

Bots can help take your brand’s business to another level if you use them correctly. Focus on increasing engagement with your followers by telling better stories than your competitors. Also, make sure that your content is relevant and appealing to your target market.