Top 10 Steam Cleaner Reviews

Today steam cleaners have become vital home helpers. Without prior experience, it may difficult to find the right stream cleaner to purchase. They are favored because they are highly versatile and can clean everything from wooden bathrooms and floors to wall tiles and hobs eliminating bacteria, dirt and grease.

What Makes A Good Steam Cleaner?

The most important attributes to consider is choosing the best steam cleaner to buy include mobility/maneuverability, portability, size and affordability. Based on expert opinions and customer reviews, here are the top 10 steam cleaner reviews currently in the market.

What Are The Top Steam Cleaners In The Market?

1. Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC1020 Steam CleanerThis steam cleaner is considered by many as the most hygienic and eco-friendly ways to clean work surfaces, tiles, floors, taps and other items. It features a lightweight but compact design and comes equipped with innovative floor cleaning kit. The best features include hand tool (for small surfaces), detail nozzle, round brush, ergonomic carrying handle, safety valve and accessories storage among others.

2. Bissell Steam Mop

6 IN 1 efbe-schott Steam Clean Orange Machine SteamerOnce the upside down bottle on the cleaners side is filled with water, it takes just 30 seconds to be ready to steam. Bissell Stem Mop is operates very quietly and the steam is dispensed on demand as opposed continuous dispensation common with other brands. It is elegantly built with convenient handle, free standing design and nice mop heads.

3. Holme Steam Mop HSM2001

Holme Steam Mop HSM2001This steam cleaner from Holme is very easy to assemble and works flawlessly. It comes with an adequate cord length for optimal flexibility and Velcro pads that fit easily. Its strongest features include the three corner mop head which allows for cleaning of a wide variety of items and places, automatic steam cut off when it is in the upright position and 20 minutes of steam time.

4. 6 IN 1 efbe-schott Steam Clean Orange Machine Steamer

6 IN 1 efbe-schott Steam Clean Orange Machine SteamerIt is armed with 1500w power that gives fast heat up (30 seconds) and superior steaming. The 6 IN 1 efbe-schott features 7-metre power cord and integrated cord wrap hooks on body, 360 degrees steam mop head with easy- clip fastening and 500ml detachable water tank, you take the tank to the tap. This steam cleaner is extremely lightweight and portable.

5. Vax S6 Steam Cleaner

Vax S6 Steam CleanerFeaturing elegant, lightweight and compact design, Vax 6 is a great choice when it comes to be top steamers reviews. It is easy to maneuver thanks to long handles and flexible wheels. It heats to achieve high temperatures capable of disintegration grease, dirt, bacteria, grime and other impurities. The Vax S6 is extremely easy to assemble and comes with detailed user manual.

6. Polti Vaporetto Airplus

Polti Vaporetto AirplusThis unit is produced and assembled in Italy, a country known to produce high quality and excellent performing products. It comes with an ample 1.6-litre water tank which heats up in five minutes, a deodorant reservoir which neutralizes odors and refreshes the room after cleaning. Its orange and white-liveried body is a compartment which contains a multitude of little clip-on tools for different cleaning jobs.

7. Thane H20 X5

Thane H20 X5Coming in different colors to suit the differing preferences of users, Thane H2O X5 is a good choice of steam cleaner. It features a variety of attachments that widen the scope of its usage. The tool converts easily from handheld and steam mop that heats quickly to get the job done. Lightweight, maneuverable, versatile and extremely easy to use with a 6 miter cord and clever head designed to fit into corners and tight spaces.

8. Black and Decker Steam Mop

Black and Decker Steam MopThe mop’s 500ml tank is very easy to fill with water and heats in just 10 seconds. Although it uses no chemicals, this steam cleaner is capable of killing as many 99.99% of microorganisms. It is also designed to be environmentally friendly. It features Autoselect dial which adjusts steam to match all floor types, internal water filter and freak free and quick dry.

Morphy Richards 720503 Power Steam Pro Clean and Steam9. Morphy Richards 720503 Power Steam Pro Clean and Steam

This 1500w steam cleaner features 3 cleaning modes including sweep, steam and a combination of the two. It is fitted with large 500ml water tank and replaceable anti-scale cartridge. The cleaner heats instantaneously meaning it is ready for use immediately it is switched on. It produces variable steam.

10. Hoover SteamJet Dual Head

Hoover SteamJet Dual HeadLast steam cleaner in this top 10 steam cleaner reviews is the Hoover SteamJet Dual Head. It features 1700w power heating 700ml capacity water tank making it capable of dispensing steam continuously for upto 23 minutes. The large capacity tank takes a little bit longer to heat but this is compensated for by great cleaning performance.

Which Is The Ultimate Best?

This is squarely the prerogative of the buyer. However, these reviews of the top 10 steam cleaners is meant to be a guide for these who have no time to carry out their own research is do not possess the necessary skills to help them with the decision.