Top 3 Water Softeners

In the market for a water softener? A year ago, so was I.  Consumers wanting to be a bit healthier whilst making their appliances last longer.  It is a huge market out there. I researched over the course of a 6 month period and thought I would put a review together to save you some time.

I have listed my top 3 below:

softinstallKinetico 2020 c HF block Water Softener

  • Compact design, fits into a standard kitchen cupboard or on a kitchen side
  • Just add salt, easy to maintain and simple to use
  • Salt options are block or tablet. Easy open lid for handy salt loading

The 2020c HF specification indicates either 0.22 or 0.3 kg of salt per regeneration and will use 18.9 litres (the actual is approx. 26 litres) of water to clean itself (regenerate). It it is also capable of high flow water requirements in your home.

Twintec S3

TT100-9500-TT30white2The TwinTec water softener S3 made in the UK, unlike the Kinetico water softeners which built in the USA and available at: The TwinTec water softener S3, which is a non electric block salt water softener, is said to be one of the most advanced water softeners available. The TwinTec water softener S3 is sold through an exclusive dealer network.

There are many local dealers that are located over the Country. It is fair to say that these dealers will want to provide you with a TwinTec water softener as their preference to any other choice of water softeners.

  • Small and Compact
  • The world’s smallest twin cylinder non-electric water softener
  • Block salt water sofetening system

As this is a smaller water softener this model and actually any make of water softener, you may actually notice less water power/pressure in your shower, washing machine, taps etc. especially if the equipment is cleaning itself or you are using water somewhere else.

Pressure can drop across these types of water softeners as they are just over 1 bar at 30 litres of water per minute. This is equivalent to say a modern shower running, hot and cold kitchen taps running water and perhaps the toilet cistern re-filling. This is not always suitable for every type of home but I would say the majority of homes.

Small and compact is good can be good as it can neatly tuck away in a kitchen cubboard or other unit.

Hague 400 maximizer

water softener system2The Hague 400 maximizer is another compant model of water softener. Again it has a proportional salt system.

  • Block salt or tablet salt.
  • Built in water filter
  • Two models available and both can be supplied with either standard 3/4″ connections or 1″ connections for even higher flow rates:

Consumer feedback suggests that the annual cost can vary between £30 and £50 per year, due to the Hague 400 maximizer’s proportional salt system. Making it a quite an economical model in comparison to some others.

This clean cycle water usage for this model is just over 2.5% of the actual annual water usage.


This is my Top 3 and might not be yours. I looked at a range of specifications and sizes but your choice really does depend on what you want. Buying a water softener and choosing what you need for you is really subjective.  Large, small, money saving, health reasons, twin cylinder/single cylinder, block salt, granular salt. It is up to you. I hope my review has given you some tips and help as to which one to buy. Good luck!