Top Reasons Your Instagram is Stunted

You have done the necessary tasks, written all the content you can write, posted it the right time, but you find that your Instagram account is just the way it was a few months ago.

What is happening? Why does your competitor get hundreds of likes and all you have are a few followers who are debating whether to stay or to go? Here are the reasons why your account is getting little or no activity.

You are Ignorant of the Trends

One of the reasons that you are stuck in a rut is because you have ignored the trends that rule Instagram marketing at the moment. You have held onto the past and ignored new trends. This is why you have become irrelevant.

A big trend that you shouldn’t ignore is the use of automation. Automation is what you need to take your Instagram marketing to a new level without putting in all the efforts and time.

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You aren’t Connecting

Connecting isn’t just about finding an interesting photo and following it – it is more of having a real connection to the person that posted the photo. Why should you connect to a user just for a few minutes then have an inactive follower taking up precious space?

As much as Instagram is all about numbers, you also need to have an active following so that you get something out of the engagement you receive. The followers you find need to be active on your page in order for you to remain relevant, and competitive.

You Are Not Showing Your Real Self

How you present yourself to the audience matters a lot. If you have a fake account, you end up with fake followers. The result is a barrage of fake comments and the need to put in more efforts to maintain the alias. You need to have a real bio, real photos and make users connect with the real you, as compared to a curated version of you.

Many users argue that curated photos are more appealing to the masses, but the truth is that your real photos shouldn’t be shoddy as well. You don’t have to get a high quality, expensive camera to grab the best photos – your smartphone camera can do the trick.

You can make use of different photos to build up your brand though. Real photos are ideal for storytelling, while the curated photos are ideal for promotional strategies.

Your Posting Frequency is Skewed

If you aren’t posting regularly enough, the audience takes off, because they forget about you easily. They start wondering why they followed you in the first place. On the other hand, if you post too frequently, your followers might get annoyed and run away thinking you are spamming them.

Final Words

There are many reasons why your account is lacking in activity. You need to find a way to handle the issues affecting your account in order to give it a breath of life.