Top Tips to Prepare for GDPR

Enforcement of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. This is less than 2 months away. If your organization isn’t ready for the regulation, you are running out of time. This is the time to get the organization ready.

Let us look at the top tips to make your organization ready.

Get Out the Word

It is your responsibility to let everyone know about the upcoming enforcement. Raise awareness among associates, employees and your peers. Don’t presume that everyone in your organization knows about the rules and is working towards their implementation. Redirect them to a site that offers insight into GDPR. If you are talking to employees, then a training session is proper.

Identify the Data to Retain

List down the data you need to store. Document its source, why you need to store it and make sure whether you need to store it or not. To this end, you need to tidy up and remove any data that you don’t require or that isn’t in the regulatory framework. In such a situation, you need to realize that the less personal data you have in storage, the better for you.

Create a Framework

You need to list each element of GDPR and then under each element, highlight a specific role. Identify the different roles that are required to process the data and then appoint people to each role. For instance, do you need to have a Data Processing Officer? What would be his role in the organization?

Update Your Data Handling Policies and Procedures

The most vital aspect of GDPR is to have policies and procedures that are easily accessible. They must also be easy to understand. For instance, if you have a DPO, then he should have easy access to the policies in order to perform their role the right way.

Incorporate GDPR in Your Daily Life

You need to make GDPR a part of the organization’s processes. It ought to be a daily routine for the company, such as getting up each day and heading to the office.

Your employees need to consider GDPR in each process that touches on data. Employees need to understand whether they have access to data and for what reason, and who they need to notify before processing the data.

Understand the Penalties

GDPR puts in place penalties for a data breach, up to 4 percent of the organization’s turnover. Your employees and partners need to understand this fact and to know that any breach of data has a huge impact on the reputation of the organization. For more information, visit website to check out the various articles on the same.

To make this work for you, put in place well-defined policies that can identify the breach, remedy it and notify everyone that has been affected by the breach. You need to do all these within the defined timescale of the regulations, currently set within 72 hours. Update the company policies to reflect these new penalties.

In Summary

Every organization needs to implement GDPR in its operations. Follow these tips to get prepared before the deadline arrives.