Transform Your Home with Good Lighting

Lighting is a potent tool that can highlight your interior decoration. People overlook its potential to change a space, but interior designers make use of this feature to convert a house allowing the owners personality to shine through.

Ignoring the lighting feature adversely impacts the well-thought details like opulent flooring, sumptuous furnishings and luxurious wall-coverings. So, it is essential to get the lighting right and emphasize your home.

Difference between artificial and natural light

4-good-lightingNatural daylight clarity cannot be replicated even though it depends on where you reside. People living in North Pole and Southern Ocean experience extremely intense light quality. In UK, temperate climate affects the day light brightness. Therefore, natural light is often viewed as flat, grey and dull.

Artificial light is available in all intensities and hues. Advanced technology in light development has made it easier to imitate natural light. Basically, artificial light properties are different because it has to play a different role at home.

The key factors to consider, while designing home interior lighting include –

Qualitative_LichtplanungGood quality LED lights are energy efficient, but are expensive to be used in all your home interiors in comparison to CFL. Therefore, from budget viewpoint, it is sensible to use it in moderation wherever necessary.

It is vital that a lighting designer must have more ideas about furniture layout, finishes, joinery details and knowledge of how the lights will flow in the house. Remember, a well-light room will be used effectively, whereas badly lit room will be abandoned.

Control of the lighting is vital in some rooms. Dimmable light circuits add flexibility. A whole house with control system allows you to live conveniently, efficiently and economically. When planning think about how lights can be used on the ceiling, wall and floor. For more details visit

Types of lighting

how-to-have-good-dining-room-lighting-4Mains voltage lamp – It is a favourite because humans respond emotionally to well-lit ambiance and it emits light that makes the atmosphere cosy.

Low voltage – It is especially used to light artwork, in ground up-lights and step washers.

LED bulbs – CRI and output of current LED has enhanced a lot. It replaces low voltage lights and is virtually maintenance free and cool to touch.

Compact & linear fluorescent – Generally, cheaper and are best to be installed in the useful back room areas.

Specific lights for certain rooms and positioning

hubbardton-forge-lighting-display-1Good lighting creates a great atmosphere in the room. It is necessary to understand every room’s usage, apply relevant light that sets the tone, and function well.

A study needs task lighting, whereas laundry room will serve well with glare free fluorescent. An open space home planning without walls needs different lighting circuits.

For example, a mixture of LED spots & floor washers, voltage lamp light for creating texture and depth in space or LED under-cupboard task lights.

Good lighting design means the right kind of light that is fitted in the correct position. Scattering the fitting haphazardly will just light the floor, but visually the space will be narrowed. Hire a designer, if possible. The last couple of years have changed lighting technology a lot.