Turn Your Air Compressor into an Airbrush Spray Kit

There are many different types of air compressors in the market today. Luckily, most of them can be transformed into airbrush spray kits.

I always stress that when choosing a compressor, take note of the following components.

Tank – A compressor with a tank is the most suitable. This is because a tank ensures consistent airflow and gives the motor a rest. The minimum capacity of the tank should be 2.5 liters.

Motor – There are two types of commonly used motors: oil less motors and oiled motors.

0_8d6320d2Generally, oiled compressors are not so sensitive, require less maintenance, and are stronger, while oil less motors are not as robust, though are more quiet.
When customizing an airbrush spray kit, the power of the motor is not given much priority. This is because any power that can fill a tank is enough.

Other components that I would also advice you to consider for your airbrush kit are an air regulator and moisture trap.

The air regulator allows for the adjustment of pressure fed to the airbrush. Pressures of between 20psi and 40 psi are usually considered to be the most perfect for spraying with. This is however dependant on the paint as well as other conditions. Additionally, choose a moisture trap that will ensure the protection of your art works from impurities, moisture, and oils.

If you are looking to save some money, you can also get a compressor for free. You know what I am talking about?

I am talking about a fridge. If you did not know that a fridge has a compressor, now you know. Even a broken fridge will never miss one.

If you do not have a fridge at home, look for one. When venturing on a hunt for a fridge, do not forget to carry some essential tools. A spanner, combined pliers, and screw heads with different heads will surely come in handy.

Extracting the Compressor from the Fridge

Anest-Iwata-Air-CompressorSince this process can be very dangerous, you have to be very careful. Firstly, cut off copper pipes from the fridge radiator. Do not make a mistake of sawing because the saw dust produced will interfere with the working of the compressor. Only use pliers and ensure you the length of the pipes are reasonably long. Using pliers will also prevent oil leaks because it squeezes the pipes at the ends.

  • Next, analyze the produced oil by pouring it on a white paper. If the oil contains silver particles, there is a problem, and you have to stop. However, if the oil is clean you can go on.
  • You will also need a start relay. I recommend that you make a drawing of how it was installed before taking it off.
  • Install the relay back onto the compressor, just as in the drawing, and connect temporary cradle to the relay’s input.
  • Use the pliers to release the squeezed pipes.
  • Connect the plug into the socket when everything is ready. It will start and the pipes will suck and blow air.

I now recommend that you get 1 liter of motor oil, a 1 m long rubber hose, 6 metal hose clamps, PVC hose for windshield, two filters, thick silicon, a switch, and lag screws.

Drain the oil in the compressor and replace with the new oil. Use the rubber hose on the oil pipe outlet. Also, screw the lag screw into the rubber hose while putting rubber seal beneath the screw.

gif_single_stage.101114216_stdLet me remind you that you should not pour too much oil. You will also need a receiver to smoothen the pulsation of air. After connecting each component correctly, you will have your airbrush spray kit. I always advice that you should never let the compressor overheat. Maintenance services are also important. Remember to change the oil, filters, and even the receiver.

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