What’s the Skinny on Love Spells?

One of the things most people strive to find in their life is love. If you’re like everyone else, you probably dream of that day when Cupid’s arrow will strike you. That butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of new romance is pure bliss.

Some people even go so far as to perform love spells. Love magic has been used by ancient peoples all over the world for centuries and has made a comeback in recent years. These can range from Voodoo to Egyptian spells to Wicca.

What’s a love spell? Simply put, it’s an intention, coupled with ingredients found in nature (or sometimes man-made) amplified by use of a ritual or chant. Some people say spells are the same as prayers, which are in themselves just an intent for something (praying for health or prosperity, for example).

You can either ask an esoteric priest, priestess, or sorcerer to perform a love spell for you, or you can do it on your own with the proper instruction. Keep in mind, spells (and their results) are personal and subjective, so there’s no research to tell you that X% or spells work or fail.

Many spellcasters will counsel that you do not perform a love spell to force someone to love you. This interferes with the free will of the person the spell is cast on. Instead, they may recommend you do a “come to me” love spell, which would encourage the proper love (dictated by the Universe) to find his or her way to you.

Another love spell that could work for you is a “love thyself” spell. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you want to love someone (and receive love in return), you must first love yourself? Same idea, only with the intention of a spell to help it along.

Love spells can also be used to brighten up an existing relationship. Every romantic relationship, whether new or old, can become a bit dull, day after day. A love spell can help bring the two of you closer together again and reestablish your feelings for one another.

Numerous love spells today are to bring back a lost lover, sometimes called “ex back spells”. Just keep in mind the free will law of the universe; sometimes, if a lover is lost, it’s truly for the better.

How do you perform a love spell, should you decide to do it on your own? Gather your ingredients and choose a time when you can work the spell uninterrupted. This means turn off your cell phone, your TV, and make sure you won’t get any surprise visitors ringing the doorbell.

Some casters prefer to work in a dimmed environment, but that is, of course, up to you. The most important thing to remember about a love spell is the intent. The tools and/or ingredients the spell calls for aren’t mandatory; they are simply a way of focusing your intent to the universe at large.

Follow the spell’s instructions implicitly. With spell casting, the most important part, beyond your intent, is that you be crystal clear. A statement like “I want someone to love me” is too broad; after all, you probably already have someone who loves you (whether it be your mother and father, siblings, or close friends), but this isn’t what you really desire.

Even “I want someone to love me romantically” isn’t sufficient. You should choose direct, concise statements (always keeping in mind free will; no “I want Johnny to love me forever.”) Perhaps a perfect sentence would be, “I want love to come to me in the form of the one I’m destined to be with.” That’s simple and direct.

The spell may make you do specific things after the casting, such as dropping ingredients into a running creek or stream or burying something in a place near your home. Follow those instructions as well, because that also intensifies your focus on your goal.

If you’d like to learn more about love spells, you can check out https://www.lovespells24.com/ and read more about them. Remember, the spell is more about intent than it is witchcraft, and some spiritualists compare spell casting to praying.