Working in an Office – The Healthy Way

Working in an Office - The Healthy Way

If you work in an office all day long and you sit on the same chair for eight hours in a row it’s going to catch up with you. That is if you don’t have an ergonomic desk that’s adjustable for your size and weight. It isn’t just limited to the desk though, the chair your sitting on is just as important or maybe even more important than the desk itself, for example, you want to make sure that you don’t have to look up or down while staring at your computer screen.

It’s one thing to give advice and another one to actually do it.

I’m sitting here on a regular chair and if I lift my head up straight I’m looking for above my screen, been doing this for ages and I don’t experience any trouble so it really depends on the person. What does help is taking regular breaks and changing the way you sit. I move around on my chair all day long, staring closely at my screen, laying back in the chair with my back straight against the back of the chair but when I sit like that and I want to keep my head straight I need to turn my eyes down which tires my eyes after a while.

Not everyone is like me so here are some other tips for you

Let’s just make a listicle out of it as that seems to be a popular way to blog these days so here we go:

  • Ergonomic office chair – ask or better said force your boss/employer to buy an ergonomic office chair that’s adjustable in height, if you’re not like me it will eventually pay for itself as you won’t have to call in sick on regular base due to lower back pain problems. So it makes total sense to make a tiny investment to save huge costs later on.
  • A standing desk – personally I get tired if I have to stand behind a desk all day long and if I have to type I like my underarms to rest on something, once again that’s not how it should be but that’s just how I work. Others are very happy with standing desks and swear by it, not me.
  • A laptop rack – if your laptop is below your sight you can also get one of these special racks that lift your laptop or monitor a little higher, that way there’s no need for an expensive ergonomic office chair, those things cost almost nothing so if that’s your only option why not?
  • A footrest – I bet you hadn’t thought of that one yet, if your chair is a little on the high side because you work behind a high desk then a footrest is all you need to get yourself in the perfect working position.

See, it’s not all that hard to get yourself in the correct working position, for more tips take a look at, they don’t just cover working in the office but a lot more related to internet marketing and what not, so if you’re fed up with your boss perhaps you can start working for yourself, with the plethora of social media platforms out there it’s easy to get well known and built a client base in a short amount of time, whether it be on Instagram or LinkedIn.

The choice is yours!